Group DCA Acquired by Haymarket Media

We are thrilled to announce that we have been acquired by Haymarket Media, a leading Healthcare Communications company, recognized as a premier content provider for physicians and other healthcare professionals, reaching more than 800,000 US-based clinicians through their network of journals, reference tools, websites, and mobile applications.

As part of the Haymarket organization, our clients will benefit from the reach provided by such redoubtable brands as:

Group DCA will operate as a unit within Haymarket’s medical communications division, PRI Healthcare Solutions. PRI HCS is a leader in its own right, developing highly customized products for pharmaceutical clients.

The strength of PRI HCS combined with Group DCA’s expertise in developing digital non-personal promotions opens the door for us to provide our combined client bases with impactful programs that align with both clinical need and marketing objectives, integrating key promotional educational messages to help guide medical decision making.

For more information on Group DCA, please contact:

Ron Scalici, General Manager, Group DCA


For more information on PRI HCS, please contact:

Tammy Chernin, Senior VP, General Manager, PRI Healthcare Solutions


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